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"The level of writing in the articles is geared to curriculum; that is, the writing corresponds to the level of students most likely to need information on a particular topic. Pages are well
designed, illustrations are clear and carefully selected, and book production values are the highest."
Ringgold, ProtoView (formerly Reference Research and Book News), March 2014

» A LOOK AT...
“A Look At . . . is a remarkable storehouse of interesting and exciting information…. A review probably doesn’t do justice to this magnificent series; the volumes must be seen to be fully appreciated. This set is highly recommended for school and public libraries serving patrons ages 9-14. This would also be a valuable addition to home libraries.
Catholic Library World

"This set would be useful in school libraries as well as the children's section of public libraries. Parents some schooling their children would find it particularly useful."
American Reference Books Annual

"This insightful series is one that young victims, bullies, and bystanders can all benefit from reading, as it combats the problem from all perspectives."
Booklist, April 1 2014

"This series is an excellent, long awaited resource and is well worth the price. All libraries serving children should own a set. Highly recommended for students ages 10-15."
Catholic Library World, March 2014

"This comprehensive, clear look at the causes and effects of bullying would be beneficial to all readers."
School Library Journal/Series Made Simple, April 2014

“Modern images, authentic examples of bullying situations, and brief Q & A sections create easy-to-read formats. This series is a useful purchase for school and public libraries that serve adolescent patrons. They may also be useful resources to have in a counseling office.”
Voice of Youth Advocates, April 1, 2014

"By pairing straightforward definitions of concepts…with clear cartoon illustrations that demonstrate the idea…each entry in the Building Blocks of Science series cleverly uses concrete images to help introduce abstract notions. …by and large this series presents a bevy of useful facts in an appealing, digestible format that’s particularly well suited to visual learners."
Booklist, December 15, 2014

“Combining well-written text with a graphic-novel format, this innovative series supplies adolescents with authoritative information about the human body…Although somewhat unconventional because of its format, this series will be a welcome addition to most collections.”
School Library Journal, April 2014

"This excellent resource should be included in school libraries and all public library collections. Highly recommended." —Jean Elvekrog
Catholic Library World, March 2014

"The combination of comics-style panels and pithy explanations of scientific concepts makes the Building Blocks of Science series a fun, efficient, and approachable classroom supplement. ... You can't go wrong with this series for either struggling scientists or kids just starting to wrap their minds around the basics."

"The books offer an excellent introduction to matter (two volumes), magnetism, light, electricity, energy, gravity, heat, sound, and force/motion....This series is highly recommended for students aged five through ten who appreciate books in the graphic form. Especially useful for homeschoolers, classrooms, and school and public libraries."
Catholic Library World

The set has a distinctly international feeling to it, which was the intent of the publisher. By reading the volumes young students will learn to appreciate many cultures around the world. The writing is written in a child-friendly manner and the topics have been selected based on school curriculum as well as what children typically find interesting.
American Reference books Annual

“This dictionary is highly recommended for school, public, academic, and special libraries' reference collections. It is especially helpful for high school and [university] students in their preparation and writing research papers and book reports.”
American Reference Books Annual


"The editors have successfully incorporated in this work the best way to educate and guide the young on how to start and conduct research. Highly recommended.”
Catholic Library World

"With the current emphasis on primary sources in social studies curricula, students need examples of such resources and guidance in utilising them in their research.  (Documenting History) provides a simple, accessible introduction to using primary sources."
Library Media Connection

“...students will greatly benefit from the presence of this series in your library. Highly recommended.”
Library Media Connection

“Colours are vivid and contrasts are sharp, imparting each detail with lifelike clarity.”
School Library Journal

"This engaging resource will appeal to students doing research, as well as casual browsers, and would be a valuable addition for school and public libraries."

"Students interested in reseraching this vast topic will find this eye-catching and organised set a suitable choice."
Library Media Connection

“Students are the intended audience, but anyone interested in learning more about our solar system will find this set useful.”
American Reference Books Annual

"The exemplary design and content of this reference set will appeal to young learners, especially visual learners. This set is recommended for all school and public libraries..."
Library Media Connection

“This atlas has 100 maps, along with plenty of photographs and colour illustrations. This volume looks as much like a picture book as it does like an atlas, making it best suited for the younger range of its audience.”

"This set is highly recommended for home and classroom libraries serving children ages six through twelve. It also has a place in school and public libraries."
Catholic Library World

"This stunning ten-volume series devotes a book to each of those subjects dearest to the hearts of three to six year olds. This set is perfect for kindergarten and first grade classrooms, a home or [primary] school library, and, of course, all public libraries. Highly recommended."
Catholic Library World

"World Book has produced another magnificent set of books for the younger set, and this series is very appropriately titled. Learning Playground will most definitely provide hours of education for children, and the learning will be loads of fun!....This series is a perfect fit for homeschoolers, classrooms, school and public libraries. Highly recommended."
Catholic Library World

“Readers won't turn green just by reading these books, but they'll know how to get started and they'll have a basic understanding of the problems people are causing and some possible solutions. Highly recommended.”
Library Media Connection

  Award-Winning Maps

The World Book cartography staff has been honoured for excellence in cartographic design by the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping in conjunction with the Cartography and Geographic Information Society.


World Book named one of the top companies transforming 21st century only learning.

"Overall, World Book Advanced is an outstanding resource that every school must consider.  It is easy to navigate, customise and find relevant information.  World book provides excellent online tutorials, continuous updates and brilliant graphics and photos to provide a thoroughly enjoyable research experience.  Highly recommended."
Catholic Library World

"Developed specifically for children in years one through four, World Book Kids is a fun way to introduce computer research skills to primary students using a strong, reliable source.  When teachers and librarians stress the importance of gathering research through authoritative sources at an early age, our students will become wise and more efficient researchers producing higher quality products.  Highly recommended for students in first through four."
Catholic Library World

"World Book Student's depth, relevancy and ease of use make it an outstanding resource for research.  The outstanding articles, interactive features, and quality graphic and audio components are precisely what primary and high school students need to help them focus their research and find engaging, relevant information.  World Book has taken the time to make sure the articles are written at a level appropriate for the intended audience, thus students can easily comprehend the information and need not struggle to read articles written for older students or adults.  Highly recommended."
Catholic Library World

“This unique resource will be a much-used reference source in most school libraries...This resource is highly recommended.”
American Reference Books Annual

» DIGITAL LIBRARIES - Early Peoples | Inventions & Discoveries | Living Green
“The inventive online interface is most impressive and sets a new expectation for online reference browsing—coffee table style.”
American Reference Book Annual

» DRAMATIC LEARNING | World Book Classroom
"Teachers can easily incorporate the plays, lessons and research activities into existing subject areas with a new way to engage the learners, a proven method for improving fluency and comprehension.  Highly recommended to teachers for years 1-12."
Catholic Library World

WOW! That's all?????
Here's my bottom line on the WBPLE: Just How Good Is It On a Scale of One to Ten? I have to exceed my usual scale here, because this is a magnum opus. The sum of these three parts is a stunning success for serving public
libraries, brilliantly conceived, implemented, and delivered. WBPLE earns a resounding 11. I love it!
The Bottom Line: What more can be said? It's emphatically recommended for all public libraries.
Cheryl LaGuardia - Research Librarian Harvard University

» SOCIAL STUDIES POWER | World Book Classroom
"...the digital shift and the expanding needs and expectations of students and educators means companies like World Book have to hustle and deliver on the details of usability to stay relevant. Thankfully, with resources like Social Studies Power, a sort of online textbook/curriculum support, they appear up to the challenge....For those looking to make the leap, this is a resource that might allow schools to say buh-bye to the text."
School Library Journal

» SCIENCE POWER | World Book Classroom

"Science Power, the new product by World Book Online has been embraced by the senior students at Curl Curl North PS. The students have been engaged by the topics and the features of Science Power. The boys in particular have found the product interesting and they are eager to use the product to investigate and learn.

Science Power features a small amount of text on each page which, while it is technical and uses metalanguage, is not overwhelming. The text is supported by pictures, videos, audio, tables, definitions, diagrams and labels. The students have been able to experience success conducting independent research using Science Power."
Lisa Turner, Teacher Librarian, Curl Curl North PS

» EARLY WORLD OF LEARNING | World Book Classroom
"The many printable activities will enrich learning centres; the downloadable listening files add another resource to the classroom. The nursery rhymes and songs help students to learn the rhythms of reading and to build vocabulary and fluency as they begin to read. I highly recommend that teachers explore this program and consider using it in the classroom. Highly recommended."
Susan W. Hixson - Multimedia & Internet&Schools

Report card - Installation: A | Content/Features: A | Ease of Use: A | Product Support: A
Recommendation: This program should be an enormous help for educators trying to get students to practice reading and build vocabulary..... Highly recommended!

Multimedia & Internet@Schools


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