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Bolt - Rank It!

  • $198.00 (AUD)
Bolt - Rank It!
Bolt - Rank It!Bolt - Rank It!Bolt - Rank It!

Volumes: 6


Biggest, fastest, heaviest, strongest - fascinating and sometimes surprising comparison. Which was more destructive: The earthquake in Haiti or the Indian Ocean Tsunami? Which  is the faster jet plane: The Raptor F-22 or the Blackbird SR-71?

Key Features:
  • Presented in compelling graphics
  • Quick-to-read-text
  • High interest topics for reluctant readers
  • Earth's Scary Animals
  • Natural Disasters
  • Olympic Greats
  • Performance Cars
  • Planes and Choppers
  • Ships and Subs
ISBN: 978-0-7166-9374-1


Bolt - Mighty Bots

Bolt - Mighty Bots
  • Featuring levelled text, dynamic infographics, and stunning photos, young readers will learn about these types of robots and how they impact our society.
  • $198.00 (AUD)

Bolt - On the Pitch

Bolt - On the Pitch
  • Dribble into this series, and explore the exciting world of soccer. From soccer rules to famous players and teams.
  • $198.00 (AUD)

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